The entrance to Maloolaba Back Packers Hostel

In the end, nothing is just black and white. That’s why you have to find your own truth. Some people might call it rationalization; I call it being practical.

To say I don’t care what anyone else thinks, that’d be a lie. You’ll always care what your family and friends think. But, at the end of the day; you only have yourself and the (insert five letter swear word) you choose to give.

– Spencer Strathmore (quote from ‘Ballers’)

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Abstract Works

an ongoing collection of random, smaller, abstract and mixed media works some works…

New Media works

An alternate to the traditional, a protest of the consciousness. Works including digital…

underNEATH series

an abstract expression featuring the beauty underlying a chaotic mask all works in…

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Roger Benoit
self taught…constantly evolving